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Recognized Polish producer

Polish manufacturer of renovation and construction tools

We understand experience as awareness and continuous improvement of many processes and technologies. Many people have an impact on the final appearance of Comensal products and brands belonging to our partners around the world. We appreciate modernity while caring for traditional values.
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Tiling Bucket Set XL

152,99 zł (124,38 zł excl. VAT)

Plastering trowel

34,48 zł (28,03 excl. VAT)

Taping knife

37,99 zł (30,89 excl. VAT)

Putty knife

17,49 zł (14,22 excl. VAT)

About us

Polish manufacturer of renovation and construction tools

For over 30 years, a team of professionals consisting of Comensal employees and our partners have been perfecting the functionality, usability, ergonomics and aesthetics of our tools.
Trust our experience. We are constantly improving numerous production, logistics and sales processes to meet the increasingly complex requirements of our customers and the modern world. Experience creates professionalism.
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Choose our company's construction tools and achieve success today!

Polish manufacturer of renovation and construction tools

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Comensal Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wynalazek 2a/53
02-677 Warszawa

+48 22 720 43 13
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